Metal Detecting Equipment for a Variety of Industries

Advanced Detection Systems offers a variety of industrial and manufacturing metal detectors to meet the wide ranging needs of customers who must produce pure products and who need to defend their processing equipment from damage caused by metal contaminants

Metal detection is a key aspect of profitability for manufacturers in many industrial markets. Advanced Detection Systems offers industrial metal detection systems built specifically to protect processing equipment from damage caused by metal contaminants and ensure product purity. With advanced technology and robust construction, we provide metal detectors that benefit our customers and surpass the competition. Our metal detection systems improve processing efficiency by detecting and eliminating metal contaminants while also meeting industrial standards and regulations. With over 30 years of innovation and experience in metal detection, Advanced Detection Systems has been providing unique solutions for food processing, plastics, recycling, mining, aggregate and many other industries.

Advanced Detection Systems has engineering, sales, manufacturing, testing and service centralized in one facility; allowing us to offer our customers expert, friendly service. We promptly respond to our customer’s needs by designing and building a quality system that allows us to consistently meet their installation and startup expectations.

Industrial & manufacturing industries we provide reliable metal detection equipment for

Food Processing Metal Detector

Food Processing & Packaging

Product purity and consumer safety are critical concerns for food manufacturers. Advanced Detection Systems industrial metal detectors, including our flagship ProScan Max® III, ProScan Conveyor System, ProScan Gravity Drop System and ProScan Pipeline System are designed to detect metal contaminants before they reach your customer.

Mining Metal Detector


Advanced Detection Systems has been developing metal detection technology that meets the needs of miners for over 30 years. The robust and reliable SurroundScan Protector HD, equipped with a metal marker and splice sensor, defends your processing equipment from damage and down time caused by tramp metal.

Colorful Plastic Pellets


Protection of granulators used to regrind plastic scrap requires consistent, reliable metal detection. Our SurroundScan Protector LP is a proven choice for detecting metal at plastics manufacturing plants and recycling centers.


Rubber Tires


The manufacturing of automotive tires is a complex process. The protection of extruders and colanders is critical. A metal detector not only has to protect the equipment itself, but also ensure that each tire produced passes a strict quality control standard. Our SurroundScan Defender III has the technology with enhanced precision of metal detection levels required while ensuring each tire passes quality standards.

Aggregate Metal Detector


Large aggregate producers throughout the country trust Advanced Detection Systems to design and manufacture metal detectors that protect screens and crushers. Our SurroundScan Protector HD detects tramp metal that can cause damage to downstream equipment.

Recycling Metal Detector


Advanced Detection Systems’ Protector HD Ultra detects ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel metals. Metal missed by a magnet can cause damage to processing equipment and costly downtime. The Protector HD Ultra can be used to detect this metal and ensure product purity.

Concrete going through metal detector

Concrete Recycling

Magnets miss non-ferrous, stainless steel and buried metals. This is the reason concrete recyclers turn to Advanced Detection Systems for reliable and consistent detection performance. The SurroundScan Protector HD is installed as a last line of defense before the crusher to protect it, along with screens, from damage and costly downtime.

Cellulose pile coming off conveyor belt

Wood Processing & Organic Recycling

The SurroundScan Protector HD is designed for outdoor use and ideal for defending wood processing equipment from damage and costly downtime caused by harmful metal contaminants. Advanced Detection Systems industrial metal detectors are used to ensure product purity required by industries using recycled organics.

Industrial skyline


Advanced Detection Systems manufactures a family of SurroundScan industrial metal detectors specifically designed to prevent damage to processing and manufacturing equipment, costly downtime and ensure metal contaminants are not present in your finished product.