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Replacement Parts

Advanced Detection Systems will assist you in identifying and supplying replacement parts

Advanced Detection Systems offers replacement parts and spare parts lists for your equipment. Our factory trained service technicians, engineers and sales staff are experts on our metal detection systems.

Metal detectors are a Critical Control Point (CCP) and therefore can be detrimental when disabled. Ask us about developing a “spares” part list for your specific metal detection system to prevent downtime that can be expensive and disastrous:

  • Engineers and technicians available to assist in identifying parts needed
  • Many parts are currently in stock and available for same day shipment
  • Electronic replacement parts that are unique to your metal detection system

You may also fill out a service request form by visiting our Request Services web page. We will gather all information needed to assist you with getting your metal detection system up and running right away.

Please have your equipment serial number or part number in hand when contacting us, this will assist us in processing your order quickly.

Don’t have the equipment or part numbers? No worries! We are here to help you with all your metal detection needs. We can easily look up the information and get back to you with a quote. Call 414-672-0553or email us:


Advanced Detection Systems provides specialized services customized to fit any specific need. Listed below are services we offer.

Product Testing

Metal Detector Training

Field Service

Replacement Parts

Verification Services

Stock Loaner Program