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Food Processing & Packaging

Advanced Detection Systems offers metal detection systems to protect product purity and increase efficiency

Food processing and packaging applications require metal detection systems well suited to your specific process and product. Metal Detection is essential for food processors for protection of equipment, product purity, consumer safety, contract requirements and meeting regulatory compliances.

Metal detectors are designed for use in pipeline processes inspecting pumpable or flowing viscous liquids – like our ProScan Pipeline System or gravity fed systems inspecting falling dry-bulk product as the ProScan Gravity Drop System and conveyor mount systems inspecting loose or packaged product conveyed through the metal detector – like Advanced Detection Systems ProScan Conveyor System. These systems are designed to provide metal detection and positive rejection of metal contaminated product.

Advanced Detection Systems carries the ProScan Max® III detector, as a solution for our customer’s needs. The ProScan Max® III designed to simplify food processors’ quality control documentation with enhanced detection levels and improved user interface. Advanced Detection Systems tests your product, guarantees ProScan Max® III detection levels and builds the system for optimum performance given the unique characteristics of your specific products.

The ProScan Max® III is designed for reliability in any environment. Built to IP69K heavy wash down standards, it can be used in cold, wet, dry or warm environments and is installed with our ProScan Series metal detectors.

Advanced Detection Systems Products

The products listed below are designed to fit your specific needs

ProScan Max® III

ProScan Pipeline System

SurroundScan Protector HD Ultra

ProScan Conveyor Systems

SurroundScan Protector HD

SurroundScan Defender III

ProScan Gravity Drop System

SurroundScan Protector LP

Test Wands, Spheres and Products (Certified)