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Advanced Detection Systems conducts Verification, Validation, and Calibration Services on any make/model metal detection system or equipment

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Metal detector monitoring, validation, verification and calibration….what do these terms mean and what’s pertinent as your strive for proper use of your investment in metal detection equipment?

Monitoring – The daily procedure you have in place to confirm and document that your metal detectors are detecting ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel particles specified in the metal detector section of your HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) plan; for instance, passing test wands through the detector with product every two hours.

Validation – Performance Validation is a ProScan metal detector feature that allows the user to set up periodic reminders to test the product with metal samples. This procedure will be saved in memory and listed on the data logger with a time and date stamp after successful completion of the test. Validation also differentiates between test monitoring detects and actual metal contamination detection.

Verification – The procedure conducted by a third party to verify that your metal detectors and automatic reject devices are performing to the standards you have documented in your daily monitoring procedure.

Calibration – The procedure conducted by the manufacturer of your metal detection system to re-balance the metal detector’s transmit and receive coils and any settings to bring the metal detector back to manufacturer’s standards. Calibration may still be required as part of the Verification procedure, if you have older analog metal detectors in use. However, current generation ProScan metal detectors feature auto-balance technology which eliminates the need for the cost of metal detector calibration service.

Advanced Detection Systems HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certified factory service technicians and certified local representatives conduct metal detector certifications on-site and are compliant with most QA programs, audits, HACCP and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.

As your metal detector usage comes under scrutiny applied by government regulations, auditors and your customers; there is an opportunity to meet expectations and improve your competitive advantage by being proactive in certifying your metal detectors on an annual basis.

Refer to the following publications for additional food safety information: The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety – A Guide to a Successful Audit** by Dr. Ron Kill, HAACP: A Food Industry Briefing”** by Sara Mortimore and Carol Wallace, also HAACP: Principles and Applications** by Merle D. Pierson.

Additionally, there are several references on the internet that can be useful including:

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