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Metal Detector Accessories for Industrial Applications

Metal Detection for Aggregate & Mining Applications In industrial applications, metal detectors defend production lines from tramp metal and ferrous impurities that can damage your conveyors and processing equipment. Proper use of an industrial metal detector also improves the purity

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Metals that can be detected by metal detector in your product

How is Sensitivity in Metal Detection Measured

When you’re looking at metal detection systems for use in your product line, have you wondered “How small of a piece of metal will this detect?”  “How do they determine that?” Good questions! How is Metal Detector Sensitivity Determined? Metal

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Metal Detector Aperture

How Does Metal Detection Work: The Basic Principles

The Theory Behind Metal Detection Balanced Coil All metals are either magnetically conductive, electrically conductive or both. When they enter an electro-magnetic field, they create a detectable disturbance or “signal”. Modern metal detectors operate on the balanced coil, full loop

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How to Size your Protector Metal Detector

Determining the proper height and width of your metal detector ensures that your application is getting the best possible sensitivity; both height and width play critical roles in sensitivity and ease of installation. The Protector metal detection system is designed

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What Are Metal Detector False Trips & What Causes Them?

Metal detection is crucial to operation for a number of industries. Our metal detectors are used to ensure product purity, protect consumers and protect expensive equipment; making accurate, consistent and reliable detection extremely important. However, when your industrial metal detector

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Metal Detection test wand spheres

Metal Detector Product Testing

Metal detector product testing can ensure that you are investing in the best possible metal detector for your application. Read on to learn more about how metal detector product testing is done and its benefits. How Is Metal Detector Product

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