Quarry Applications

Advanced Detection Systems’ metal detection systems locate tramp metal before causing interruptions in production

Quarry operations with significant amounts of metal require metal detection systems to detect tramp metal missed by magnetic separators before it causes damage to crushers and costly downtime.

Aggregate producers use the SurroundScan Protector HD to defend their crushers from tramp metal that causes damage and downtime. It is able to detect ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel tramp metals. The robust and reliable SurroundScan Protector HD with splice sensor and metal marker accessories meet the needs of quarry operators who must detect and locate tramp metal before it causes an interruption in production.

Advanced Detection Systems Industrial Metal Detectors

The metal detection equipment and products listed below are designed to fit your specific quarry and tramp metal detection needs

SurroundScan Protector HD Ultra

ADS Protector HD Ultra Metal Detector

SurroundScan Protector HD

ADS Protector HD Metal Detector

SurroundScan Protector LP

ADS Protector LP Metal Detector