SurroundScan Protector HD Ultra

Twice (2X) the Sensitivity

  • Metal detection level up to 2X better than a standard Protector HD
  • Heavy duty, industrial grade steel construction with NEMA 4 electronics enclosures for long-term reliability
  • Touchscreen controls make setting up and adjusting the metal detector quick and intuitive. Users can adjust the detector to ignore smaller non-damaging metals, while larger contaminants are detected for removal
  • AccuLearn Technology learns your products’ characteristics and automatically adjusts the detector’s sensitivity settings based on those characteristics; without any extra input from the operator
  • Adjustable RF protection ensures reliable performance in the presence of radiated noise and power fluctuations
  • Programmable contacts for full PLC integration and reject device control
  • Detects ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel
  • Product Monitor provides real time signal values of your product and specific metal contaminants that must be detected
  • Upright support, opposite of control box, can be removed to facilitate installation on an existing conveyor – without removing conveyor belt
  • Enhanced power supply protects against false trips caused by electrical service spikes, dips and radiated noise
  • Each industrial grade metal detection system is sized to meet your specific process requirement and custom mounting plate adapters can be designed to simplify install on existing conveyor frames
  • PLC outputs provided to control upstream and downstream equipment when metal is detected

The Protector HD Ultra is built to your application specifications and sized to meet your specific needs. Get started today by calling us today at 414-672-0553!

The SurroundScan Protector HD Ultra is installed with Advanced Detection Systems’ Core Technology Software

These Core Technologies Provide Reliable Metal Detection Performance Required to Protect Industrial Processing Equipment and Ensure Product Purity

AccuLearn Logo

AccuLearn Technology

Setting up products with the AccuLearn Technology is easy and efficient.  In as few as 1-2 minutes, the metal detector will learn your product’s signature, allowing clean product to pass through while accurately identifying and rejecting products that have metal contamination.

Blue Eye Image


With Product monitor, you get real time signal values for your product and the tramp metal that must be detected.

Auto Balance Logo

Patented Auto Balance

Advanced Detection Systems’ auto-balance software maintains perfect coil balance and optimum performance, eliminating the cost of a service technician plant visit to re-balance the metal detector.

Vibration Symbol

Patented Vibration Technology

ProScan vibration technology monitors interference created by vibration and automatically compensates for the effect, thus enhancing reliability and sensitivity.

Ultra Detection Detectable Screw Size

Enhanced Detection Levels

Lithium batteries are small contaminants that can create big problems for companies that shred or bale products like paper, corrugated and plastic. If a lithium battery is ruptured, crushed or bent – it can result in the instant discharge of all the energy stored in the battery; a fire or explosion. If a lithium battery is crushed in a plastic or paper bale, it can cause the material surrounding it to combust. The Protector HD Ultra was designed to proactively detect small items like the lithium batteries before they reach your baler or shredder; eliminating the risk of fire completely.

SurroundScan Protector HD Ultra Optional Accessories

Advanced Detection Systems’ engineers are experts in metal detection. We manufacture superior accessories to meet your application requirements. Any metal detector accessory can be customized or designed to your specific needs.

Advanced Detection Systems offers accessories that can be incorporated into the existing metal detection system as needed to meet your specific needs. Our accessories are beneficial in many ways: accessories protect the product stream, ensure employee safety and optimize operation in extreme temperatures.

Optional Industrial Grade Metal Detector Accessories

Remote Control Enclosure

SurroundScan Protector HD Rejection Control Cabinet

The external remote control enclosure is an optional accessory used when the SurroundScan Protector HD is placed in a difficult to read position in your production stream.

Touchscreen Cabinet Heater

Touchscreen Cabinet Heater for ADS Metal Detectors

Metal detectors used in environments below 40°F should be equipped with a Cabinet Heater to reduce condensation buildup and prevent the LCD screen from becoming lethargic or difficult to read in cold temperatures. The Cabinet Heater has a built-in thermostat to regulate temperature.