Industrial Applications

Each of Advanced Detection Systems’ SurroundScan metal detectors are designed to meet the specific metal detection needs of customers in a wide range of industrial applications

Industrial skyline

The metal detector technology used to defend processing equipment is determined by the size of the metal that must be detected. The choice of metal detection used to ensure product purity is determined by the end-of-line process and how the finished product is shipped. Industrial applications often require metal detection to protect processing equipment and ensure purity of the finished product.

As a metal detecting equipment manufacturer, Advanced Detection Systems can supply you with the specific type of metal detector needed to defend your valuable processing equipment and produce a product free of metal contaminants. Whether you are crushing rocks or making tires, all SurroundScan metal detectors can detect ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel metals.

Advanced Detection Systems Industrial Metal Detectors

The metal detecting equipment and products listed below are designed to fit your specific industrial needs

SurroundScan Protector HD Ultra

ADS Protector HD Ultra Metal Detector

SurroundScan Protector HD

ADS Protector HD Metal Detector

SurroundScan Defender III

Defender Max III Industrial Metal Detector

SurroundScan Protector LP

ADS Protector LP Metal Detector