Metal Detector Services

Aftermarket support for metal detection systems with customer service focus

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Packaged Food Going through Food Industry Metal Detector

Advanced Detection Systems provides expert customer service via our entire staff which includes: engineering, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified service technicians, factory sales and local representatives. Our customers rely on Advanced Detection Systems to provide service support for all our metal detectors including several generations of ProScan and SurroundScan series metal detectors in food and industrial applications.

Advanced Detection Systems educates our customers on metal detection for their specific application, their specific industry, patented software installed into our products that separate us from the competition and any other substitutes available. We want to make sure our customers are able to make the best choice for their application.

When you purchase a metal detector from Advanced Detection Systems, we include technical support regarding the installation, start-up and testing needs for your metal detection system – regardless of its age.

Over the years, we have developed a variety of services including product testing, metal detector certification or verification, metal detector calibration and metal detector training programs. These services are designed to help our customers stay current with the scrutiny applied to the use of their metal detectors and assist with their need to make the best use of their investment in metal detection.

  • Economical first stage trouble shooting assistance provided by factory service technicians is just a phone call away
  • Professional local representatives provide plant level assistance with support from factory engineering and service technicians
  • Metal detector certification or verification services are provided by certified local representatives and factory service technicians

Any and all service requests can be made by directly calling  414-672-0553 or emailing us:

Advanced Detection Systems provides specialized services customized to fit any specific need. Listed below are the metal detector services we offer.

Packaged Food going through ADS Metal Detector

Metal Detector Product Testing

ADS Metal Detector Training Screen

Metal Detector Training

Industrial Field

Field Service

Replacement parts for industrial metal detector

Replacement Parts

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Verification Services

ADS stock conveyor metal detection system

Stock Loaner Program