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SurroundScan metal detectors are designed for industrial applications to protect processing equipment and help ensure product purity. All SurroundScan metal detectors can detect ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel metals.

The SurroundScan Protector industrial metal detector series sensitivity to metal can be measured in ¼ inch increments. It can detect bolts, nuts, plates, bucket teeth, mill balls, nails and other small metal items.

The Protector metal detector is usually conveyor mounted to inspect product conveyed through its aperture. Each Protector is sized for the particular conveyor it will be mounted on and for the product that will be passing through it. The Protector series of metal detection equipment is engineered to withstand harsh outdoor environments and can be adapted to your particular application needs.

The SurroundScan Defender series of industrial metal detectors offers a substantially higher sensitivity to metal. Like the ProScan series, the sensitivity to metal is measured in tenths of a millimeter. It will detect metal fragments like knife blade chips, broken scree, needles, filings and other fractionally-sized metal contaminants.

Each Defender metal detector is sized for specific application requirements and configured based on the type of product being passed through the metal detector.

Discuss your application with an Advanced Detection Systems metal detector expert today to determine what is the best configuration of equipment for your application.

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