Industrial Metal Detectors

All metal detection systems listed below can be custom designed to fit your specific needs

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Advanced Detection Systems offers top-quality, reliable metal detection systems to fit any application and serve many industries

For over 30 years, Advanced Detection Systems has developed a reputation for manufacturing quality industrial metal detection equipment for many diverse industries with unique metal detection needs. These industries include: food processing and packaging, aggregate, mining, recycling and more. With experienced engineering, manufacturing and sales people working together in our Milwaukee, Wisconsin facility, we can provide expert advice to customers needing assistance with metal detection in their facility.

ProScan Max® III

ProScan Max III Metal Detector

ProScan Max® III is an industrial metal detector designed with the newest technological advances in metal detection; offering optimum sensitivity in wet, dry and conductive products

Our ProScan Max® III metal detection system is ideal for customers in the food processing and packaging industry. The ProScan Max® III features IP69K (Ingress Protection) sealing of the electronics cabinet that can be sprayed at close range at an average rate of four gallons per minute with water pressures between 1160-11450 psi and at a temperature of 176°F. The ProScan Max® III achieves the best sensitivities possible in metal detection.

  • ProScan Max® III monitors interference attributed to vibration and automatically compensates for its effect, defending the metal detector’s performance
  • ProScan Max® III has an enhanced power supply that defends the detector’s reliability in spite of radiated noise and line spikes
  • ProScan Max® III has state of the art sensitivity in wet, dry and conductive products

ProScan Gravity Drop System

Gravity Drop Metal Detector

ProScan Gravity Drop System – High Sensitivity Metal Detection for High Throughput

ProScan Gravity Drop Systems are designed for gravity fed metal detection of bulk products such as: powders, spices and grains. The systems accommodate a wide range of throughput requirements and can be built to incorporate automatic in-line reject devices. Industrial Gravity Drop metal detection systems are available as part of a floor standing system or with a support frame for elevated systems.

  • ProScan Gravity Drop System is offered with integral or remote control cabinets
  • ProScan Gravity Drop System has non-conductive product flow tube and reject device integrated into a complete system supported by a welded stainless steel frame
  • ProScan Gravity Drop System has fast-acting divert valves used to effectively reject metal contaminated product

SurroundScan Protector HD

ADS Protector HD Metal Detector

SurroundScan Protector HD – Rugged, Heavy Duty and Reliable Metal Detection

The heavy duty SurroundScan Protector HD is designed to detect metal that will damage your crushers, screens and other processing equipment. With the state of the art technology, the Protector HD can detect damaging metal while ignoring metals that are harmless. The Protector HD can be quickly installed on CEMA conveyors and used on spliced conveyor belts. When magnets aren’t enough, the Protector HD is a robust reliable last line of defense. Its construction and technology is designed to meet the metal detector application needs of quarry, mining and other industries.

  • SurroundScan Protector HD provides real time signal values for product and the tramp metal that must be detected
  • SurroundScan Protector HD has patented auto-balance coils to keep consistent detection levels
  • SurroundScan Protector HD has AccuLearn Technology that learns product characteristics to establish the correct sensitivity

SurroundScan Protector HD Ultra

ADS Protector HD Ultra Metal Detector

SurroundScan Protector HD Ultra – Twice the Sensitivity

The SurroundScan Protector HD Ultra, a heavy industrial grade metal detector used when an extra level of metal detection performance is required to defend sensitive processing equipment. Built to detect fire hazards (such as lithium batteries) and ensure product purity in recycling industries.

  • SurroundScan Protector HD Ultra is built to your applications and sized to meet your needs
  • SurroundScan Protector HD Ultra is designed with AccuLearn Technology that can automatically adjust the detector’s sensitivity based on your product’s characteristics
  • SurroundScan Protector HD Ultra has auto-balance patented software that keeps the Protector HD Ultra’s coils balanced indefinitely for consistent detection levels

Certified Metal Detector Test Pieces

Metal Detector Test Wands and Balls

Test Wands, Spheres and Products (Certified) are quality tested to comply with your specific regulations/standards

Certified test wands, spheres and products are a critical part of HACCP plans, consumer safety and external audits. Advanced Detection Systems offers uniquely designed certified test products to fit your specific industrial metal detection needs.

  • Test wands, spheres and products are designed to customer’s specifications and applications
  • Test wands, spheres and products have optional ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel metal for factual results
  • Test wands, spheres and products are vital to verification of non-contaminated product reaching the end consumer

ProScan Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Metal Detector Washdown

ProScan Conveyor Systems are commonly used by the food processing and packaging industries; offering optimum sensitivity with several optional reject systems to ensure product purity.

ProScan conveyors are heavy duty, high-quality stainless steel systems engineered to be the perfect platform for reliable metal detect and reject device performance.ProScan Conveyor Systems are designed to your unique industrial application requirements and provide many years of reliable performance with long term maintenance-free operation.

For Washdown Applications

  • ProScan Conveyor System for washdown applications has a welded stainless steel frame and is available in the specific length and belt width required for your application
  • ProScan Conveyor System for washdown applications offers all optional reject devices including Flop Gate and Retracting Pulley

For Packaged Applications

  • ProScan Conveyor System for packaged, dry applications has shorter lead times and is more economical than traditional washdown construction
  • ProScan Conveyor System for packaged, dry applications offers commonly used reject devices such as: Air Blast, Sweep Arm and Push Arm (RAM)

ProScan Pipeline System

Pipeline Industrial Metal Detector

ProScan Pipeline System – Inline Metal Detection and Rejection

ProScan Pipeline Systems are designed for detecting metal in pumped or gravity fed viscous liquids, sauces and ground meat. The systems are designed to be used in a variety of production configurations and components are designed to handle a range of product temperature and pressure. ProScan Pipeline metal detection systems are built for your specific application to include 3-way valve reject diverters and can be deployed as floor standing or elevated systems.

  • ProScan Pipeline System is offered with integral or remote control cabinets
  • ProScan Pipeline System has non-conductive product flow tube and reject device integrated into a complete system supported by a welded stainless steel frame
  • ProScan Pipeline System can be customized to meet your specific application needs

SurroundScan Protector LP

ADS Protector LP Metal Detector

SurroundScan Protector LP – Low Profile, Reliable and Durable

The SurroundScan Protector Low Profile (LP) is engineered and manufactured to provide long term, reliable metal detection in harsh outdoor environments. Lighter and with low-profile coil enclosures, the Protector LP can be easily installed on portable conveyors and used on spliced conveyor belts. Protect your crushers, shredders and other processing equipment with the SurroundScan Protector LP.

  • SurroundScan Protector LP is designed with heavy duty steel construction and NEMA 4 enclosure
  • SurroundScan Protector LP has programmable contacts for full PLC integration of automated divert gates or belt plow systems
  • SurroundScan Protector LP prevents costly downtime and protects processing equipment

SurroundScan Defender III

Defender Max III Industrial Metal Detector

SurroundScan Defender III offers exceptional detection levels with patented core technologies.

Our SurroundScan Defender III is designed to get the best possible detection levels that ensure product purity and defend valuable processing equipment in the most challenging industrial applications. The SurroundScan Defender III has state of the art metal detection levels for industrial applications.

  • SurroundScan Defender III ensures reliable performance in the presence of radiated noise and electrical power fluctuations with the newest power supply technology
  • SurroundScan Defender III auto-balanced technology keeps metal detector coils in balance indefinitely
  • SurroundScan Defender III includes real-time product signal levels displayed in Product Monitor