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Post: Metal Detector Product Testing

Metal detector product testing can ensure that you are investing in the best possible metal detector for your application. Read on to learn more about how metal detector product testing is done and its benefits.

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How Is Metal Detector Product Testing Done?

Metal Detector product testing often offered at no charge by metal detector manufacturers is a valuable step to take when choosing the best and most reliable metal detection system for your specific application. Durning a metal detector product test, samples of your product are sent to the metal detector manufacturer who will use them in their test lab to prepare a Sensitivity Guarantee for your product in the specified metal detector aperture size. For example 1.5 millimeter Ferrous metal, 2.0 millimeter Non-Ferrous metal and 3.0 millimeter Stainless Steel.

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Why Product Test A Metal Detector?

Product testing a metal detector before purchasing can be extremely beneficial, especially for the food processing and packaging industry. Some of the benefits metal detector product testing can provide include:

To determine the metal detector model & type required to meet your sensitivity requirement.

In some case food processors are required to achieve a detection level specified by their customer. In that case product testing can be done to confirm that the metal detection equipment you are considering buying will meet your customer’s sensitivity requirement

To establish a metal detector sensitivity specification for a new application.

When a food processor is adding new packaging or a production line, product testing can be done to establish the best possible detection level.

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To determine the effect of product orientation and aperture size on detection levels.

When determining the production process that optimizes metal detection levels product testing helps food companies determine the specific metal detector aperture size and product orientation that will optimize metal detector detection levels.

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To obtain a written metal detector Sensitivity Guarantee

In many cases food companies are primarily interested in using a metal detection system that will provide the best possible detection levels in their application. Product testing can be done to establish a Guaranteed detection level.

Metal detector product testing simplifies Start-Up

When a food company takes delivery of a new metal detection system the start-up of the metal detector revolves around running product and confirming the metal detector performance meets the required detection levels. Product testing early in the purchasing process simplifies and facilitates a trouble free start-up free of surprises.

Metal Detector Product Testing from ADS

Use our free product testing service to ensure that you are investing in the best possible metal detector for your application. Advanced Detection Systems product testing service is conducted promptly at our factory lab in Milwaukee, WI. Use our metal detector product testing service and receive a sensitivity guarantee! For more information or to schedule a metal detector product test, call us today at 414-672-0553 or email us at

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