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Post: Benefits of the Protector Metal Detection System’s Product Monitor Feature

The SurroundScan Protector series of industrial metal detectors have a unique Product Monitor feature that Displays real time product signals. It is one of Advanced Detection Systems’ core technologies that allow our metal detection systems to provide superior detection of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless-steel tramp metal necessary to ensure product purity and protect your processing equipment. Learn more about this core technology, how to use it and the benefits it provides.

Protector HD Metal Detector

Detect harmful tramp metal while ignoring metal that is harmless.

The Product Monitor is software included in the touchscreen of all Protector series metal detectors.

The Product Monitor gives users real-time feedback on the signal levels of the product and metal contaminants passing through the metal detector.

The signal levels shown on the Product Monitor can be used to establish the metal detector’s sensitivity settings required to detect harmful tramp metal while ignoring metal that poses no threat to processing equipment.

Protector Metal Detection System’s Product Monitor

Using the metal detector’s Product Monitor feature.

Upon initial setup of a Protector metal detector, the AutoLearn program can be used to automatically set the detector’s sensitivity so product is allowed to pass through the detector while metal contaminants are still detected.

But what happens if there are some metal contaminants that you do not want the metal detector to detect because they will not damage downstream processing equipment?

The Protector’s unique Product Monitor will show you the real-time difference in signal levels between the metal contaminants you do want to detect and those you do not want to detect.

Based off of the difference in signal values shown on the Product Monitor, the operator can adjust the metal detector’s sensitivity accordingly so it allows the metal contaminants with a smaller signal value to pass through while still detecting the contaminants that have a larger signal value.

Conveyor Belt Metal Detector at Stone Quarry

The Product Monitor feature simplifies Metal Detection.

Take the guesswork out of metal detector sensitivity adjustments. The Product Monitor feature on our Protector metal detectors allows production crews to efficiently remove harmful tramp while avoiding costly down time caused when small pieces of harmless metal lead to detections that occupy workers and shut down production.

Detect It

Detect Harmful Tramp Metal

Ignore It

Get the Right Metal Detector for Your Application

Advanced Detection Systems’ Protector series of rugged, industrial metal detectors provide reliable metal detection of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel tramp metal.  The Product Monitor feature provides real-time monitoring so your metal detector can be set to the right level of detection to protect your processing equipment without slowing down production.  To discuss your specific application needs and how our metal detector’s Product Monitor feature will benefit you, give us a call at call at (414) 672-0553 or email us at