ProScan Conveyor System

ProScan Conveyor Systems – The most commonly used metal detection systems by the food processing and packaging industry

Conveyor Belt Metal Detectors
  • Stainless steel, locking, swivel casters with urethane wheels or standard articulated rubber feet
  • Audio and visual accessories are offered to draw attention to “metal detects”
  • Multiple conveyor belt styles are offered to meet your specific application needs
  • Conveyor frame heights are tailored to your need; horizontal and incline construction available
  • Wash down motor with stainless steel shaft and coated aluminum gear reducer
  • Watertight and corrosion resistant motor starter
  • Includes all the features of the ProScan Max® III

ProScan Conveyor System for Washdown Applications

Conveyor Belt Metal Detector

Advanced Detection Systems’ ProScan Conveyor System for washdown applications in Food Processing & Packaging industries features blasted stainless steel construction and is ideal for use in wet packaging areas. The industrial metal detector conveyor system’s welded heavy duty tubular frame is built to meet all length, belt width and incline requirements. The tubular frame is suitable for all automatic reject devices. It has quality components that you can rely on for years of service.

  • Stainless steel, locking, swivel casters with urethane wheels or standard articulated rubber feet
  • Built to meet all length, belt width and incline requirements
  • Chain drive motor is totally enclosed and fan cooled, stainless steel shaft and coated aluminum gear reducer
  • Blasted stainless steel welded construction
  • Frame design suitable for all reject devices including: Flop Gate and Retracting Pulley (for use with bulk and loose product applications)

NEW! ProScan Conveyor System for Packaged Applications

Dry Conveyor Metal Detector

Advanced Detection Systems’ ProScan Conveyor System for packaged applications in Food Processing & Packaging industries features brushed stainless steel construction and is ideal for use in dry packaging areas. The ProScan Conveyor System for dry applications is available in standard belt lengths up to 96” long. The brushed stainless steel frame is suitable for packaged automated reject devices including: air blast, sweep arm and push arm (RAM) designs. It has high quality components that you can rely on for years of service.

  • Stainless steel, locking, swivel casters with urethane wheels or standard articulated rubber feet
    More economical and shorter lead times
  • Standard belt lengths up to 8 ft. long
  • Direct drive motor is totally enclosed and fan cooled, stainless steel shaft and coated aluminum gear reducer
  • Brushed stainless steel construction

The ProScan Conveyor System is installed with Advanced Detection Systems’ Core Technology Software

These Core Technologies Provide Reliable Metal Detection Performance Required for Today’s Stringent Food Safety Regulations

AccuLearn Logo

AccuLearn Technology

Setting up products with the AccuLearn Technology is easy and efficient.  In as few as 1-2 passes, the metal detector will learn your product’s signature, allowing clean product to pass through while accurately identifying and rejecting products that have metal contamination.

Vibration Symbol

Patented Vibration Technology

ProScan vibration technology monitors interference created by vibration and automatically compensates for the effect, thus enhancing reliability and sensitivity.

Auto Balance Logo

Patented Auto Balance

Advanced Detection Systems’ auto-balance software maintains perfect coil balance and optimum performance, eliminating the cost of a service technician plant visit to re-balance the metal detector.

Proper conveyor design is a critical feature of your metal detection system.

Advanced Detection Systems metal detector experts will evaluate your product’s size, weight and throughput to ensure that your industrial metal detector and conveyor achieve state of the art, reliable metal detection and the entire system is properly incorporated into your existing production process.

Advanced Detection Systems’ wash down enclosure design is the best in the industry!

Wash Down ProScan Conveyor Metal Detector

IP:  Ingress Protection (the degree of protection provided by the electrical enclosures)
6: Dust Tight
9K:  High Pressure/High Temp Spray Down

Our ProScan Max® III is rated IP69K for sealing of the electronics and extreme wash down conditions. We designed the ProScan series to withstand high pressure wash down environments. The ProScan® Max III is preferred by food processors because it prevents water from getting into the coil, which is encapsulated with waterproof material. Stainless steel housing is embedded into PVC at a 90° angle – unlike other metal detection systems where water can seep through a vertical seam – resulting in costly repairs.

The welded construction and stainless steel components are designed to provide many years of reliable performance. The seams are sealed under pressure using extra mounting bolts. The sealant acts as a pressurized gasket to form a superior seal against harmful water ingression. The control panel door is sealed to specifications and has an impact resistant touch screen cover. The industrial metal detector can withstand close range wash downs at an average rate of four gallons per minute with water pressures between 1160 – 1450 psi and at a temperature of 176°F.

ProScan Conveyor System Reject Devices and Optional Accessories

Food Processing Metal Detector
Food Industry Metal Detector Scanning Cheese

Advanced Detection Systems’ engineers are experts in metal detection. We manufacture superior reject devices and accessories to meet your application requirements. Any reject device and accessory can be customized or designed to your specific needs.

Reject devices are used to allow the customer to remove contaminated product and still maintain normal product flow without halting production. The use of a reject device also allows the company to avoid relying on the employee to remove the contaminated product from the line.

Having a reject device for your ProScan Conveyor System is important. The reject device will prevent contamination, protect your customers, provide a stellar reputation of your product (brand name) and protect your profits. The product or the package of the product will determine which type of reject would be best for the application.

How to determine which reject device is appropriate for you?

The ProScan Conveyor System has a variety of reject devices and accessories available:

Optional Reject Devices for Metal Detector Conveyors

Sweep Arm Reject Device

Ideal for packaged products on conveyor belts that are 12″ or less.

Metal Detector Rejection Arm

A sweep arm reject is an arm that sits on the side of the conveyor, parallel to the belt; it swings out at a 45 degree angle to knock the contaminated product off of the conveyor belt. The sweep arm reject is used on narrow belts up to 12″ and generally for packaged products such as portioned meat, vegetables, and products in poly bags. 

Push Arm (RAM) Reject Device

Ideal for removing heavy boxed product.

Metal Detector Conveyor Ram

Push arm or “ram” – This metal detection reject device is a straight arm cylinder that sits perpendicular to the conveyor belt and pushes across the belt at a right angle. A typical product would be a small case of bakery type products or snack foods. 

Flop Gate Reject Device

Designed for efficient rejection of dry, bulk products on conveyor belts of any width.

Metal Detector Reject Flop Gate

The flop gate reject device is used at the end of the conveyor and is generally for loose or bulk product. Typical products would be cookies, frozen meat patties, candies, and vegetables. The flop gate is a sheet of stainless steel or UHMW that sits at the end of the conveyor at a 45 degree down angle. The product exits the conveyor and slides down the flop gate to the take away conveyor. If metal is detected, the flop gate rotates 90 degrees and instead of feeding onto the next conveyor the product is rerouted to a reject container. Timing of this reject is easy and the flop gate can be used with any width conveyor belt.

Divert Arm Reject Device

Perfect for rejecting open jar bottles or product that requires a “gentle” contact.

Metal Detector Rejection Arm

The divert arm is very similar to the sweep arm except it pivots at the far end. The leading edge comes out in front of the product and “diverts” the rejected container to the holding area.

Air Blast Reject Device

Simple and economical method for removing light weight packaged products from belt widths of 12″ or less.

Metal Detector Air Blast Rejection

The air blast is the simplest and least expensive reject device available. If the product is light enough and if there is a flat surface to blow against, the air blast is the way to go. It is also important that the conveyor belt not be too wide, usually up to about 12″. The air blast is generally used with packaged products but can be used with some bulk unpackaged products as well. Typical products that can use an air blast are small boxed items like candies, noodles, snack foods, cereals, and even some heavier products as long as there is a flat surface and the belt is not too wide.

Retracting Pulley Reject Device

Best choice for bulk or sticky product and packaged products on conveyor belts that are wider than 12″.

Retracting Metal Detector

If the product does not slide easily, like fresh hamburger patties or some types of sticky products, then you must use a retracting pulley type device. In this instance the discharge pulley of the conveyor is made to move in 6-8″ to create a gap that the contaminated product can fall through rather than feed directly to the take away conveyor. This also can be used with any width conveyor belting.

Stop on Detect

This is our most common type of reject device and comes standard on all conveyors that we manufacture.

Upon detection of metal, the detector will stop the conveyor belt so the contaminated product can be manually removed by hand. Stop on Detect is commonly used in low throughput applications where line stoppage will not cause a sever buildup of product or cause other production problems.

Optional Metal Detector and Conveyor Accessories

Advanced Detection Systems offers accessories that can be incorporated into your existing metal detection system as needed to meet your specific needs. Our accessories are beneficial in many ways: accessories protect the product stream, ensure employee safety and optimize operation in extreme temperatures.

Audible or Visual Alarms

A variety of horns, bells, buzzers, flashing lights, rotating beacons, etc. are also available.

Adjustable Side Rails

Conveyor Metal Detector Adjustable Side Rails

Your product’s orientation through the metal detector is a factor in determining sensitivity. Consistent orientation will help improve sensitivity levels and reduce product effect. Adjustable Side Rails can help re-orient products presented to the metal detector in varying directions. The position of these rails can be adjusted to suit your product’s requirements.

Fixed Side Rails

Conveyor Metal Detector Fixed Side Rails

Your product’s orientation through the metal detector is a factor in determining sensitivity. Consistent orientation will help improve sensitivity levels and reduce product effect. Fixed Side Rails can be used to keep unstable product from tipping during conveyor transfer, re-orient slightly misaligned products and keep bulk materials from falling off the side of the conveyor. Fixed Side Rails cannot be adjusted after construction.

Lockable Reject Collection Bin

Conveyor Metal Detector Reject Collection Bin

Securing access to rejected product is critical to meeting food safety regulations and ensuring rejected product does not get returned to the production line.

Lockable Reject Collection Bins prevent unauthorized access to rejected product before it can be inspected and the cause of the metal contamination determined by Quality Assurance personnel. Our reject collection bins are made of Type 304 stainless steel and come with a lockable, clear polycarbonate access door. Existing conveyors can be retrofitted for this accessory, depending on design.

Stainless-Steel Swivel Locking Casters

Conveyor Metal Detector Stainless Steel Casters

Industrial metal detectors and conveyors are very heavy pieces of equipment. A moderately sized metal detector and conveyor can weigh over 1,000 lbs easily. Our heavy duty Stainless Steel Swivel Locking Casters with solid urethane wheels, allow you to easily move the detector without extra lifting equipment. Once in place, the caster position locks can be applied to keep the metal detector and conveyor from rolling. They are chemical and corrosion-resistant and are equipped with a grease fitting. Standard height adjustments of +/-2″, if greater adjustment is required, contact us for details.

Pinch Point Guards

Conveyor Metal Detector Pinch Point Guards

Pinch point guards are used to obstruct small gaps between moving equipment components where part of a person’s body or clothing could get caught in the equipment. Reduce the possibility of injury to employees or damage to equipment by installing pinch point guarding on your metal detection system.

Pneumatic and electronically controlled reject devices can actuate quickly with little prior warning. The move forcefully, creating pinch points against conveyor belting and collection bin components. Employee safety is of the highest priority. Our pinch point guards prevent unintentional contact with moving parts and pinch points that are created by the reject device, belt sprockets and drive components. Also available: Belt Drive Guards, Reject Device Guards, etc.

Infeed Hopper

Metal Detector Infeed Hopper

An infeed hopper can be used to collect and funnel product through your metal detector with consistency. Infeed hoppers can be used with gravity or conveyor configuration of metal detector. Hoppers can be built to your application and product specifications.

Thermodrive® Belt

Thermodrive Belt on Metal Detector

The Thermodrive® belt eliminates tensioning, tracking and cleanability issues that often arise with traditional belts. It is the most advanced belt system for hygienic food processing that protects product quality and cuts cleaning time and water use to provide more production time in your facility.

External Remote Control Cabinet

Metal Detector External Door Cabinet

The external remote control cabinet enclosure is IP69K rated for washdown environments. They are used when the metal detector is placed in a difficult to read position in your product stream. We also offer external remote control fiberglass cabinets as an option for wipe-down environments.

DC Variable Drive

DC Variable Drive

The DC Variable Drive enables the equipment operator the ability to control the metal detector conveyor’s  belt speed to stay consistent with changing line speeds.

Web-Enabled Touchscreen

Web Enable Touch Screen for ADS Metal Detectors

The web-enabled touchscreen allows the metal detector to be connected to a local network. The metal detector can be monitored and controlled remotely from any device with an internet browser (your device must be connected to the same network as the metal detector).

The web-enabled touchscreen makes data collection easier by allowing the data-log files to be downloaded directly to a computer. The ability to monitor, control and review data requires no additional proprietary software.

Touchscreen Cabinet

Touchscreen Cabinet Heater for ADS Metal Detectors

Metal detectors used in environments below 40°F (4°C) should be equipped with a cabinet heater to reduce condensation buildup and prevent the LCD screen from becoming lethargic or difficult to read in cold temperatures. The cabinet heater has a built-in thermostat to regulate temperature.