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How Is Product Contaminated with Metal Removed from the Food Production Process?

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Metal detection is essential for the food processing and packaging industry. Not only do metal detectors protect the processing equipment, but they are also important in ensuring product purity and consumer safety. But have you ever wondered how metal is detected and removed during food processing? Metal detection is a two-step process.  When metal has […]

How to Size your Protector Metal Detector

Determining the proper height and width of your metal detector ensures that your application is getting the best possible sensitivity; both height and width play critical roles in sensitivity and ease of installation. The Protector metal detection system is designed to fit rails utilizing standard CEMA-approved rollers. In most instances, the detector will drop directly […]

What Are Metal Detector False Trips & What Causes Them?

Metal detection is crucial to operation for a number of industries. Our metal detectors are used to ensure product purity, protect consumers and protect expensive equipment; making accurate, consistent and reliable detection extremely important. However, when your industrial metal detector has a false trip, production can come to a standstill, product can be unnecessarily wasted, […]

Benefits of the Protector Metal Detection System’s Product Monitor Feature

The SurroundScan Protector series of industrial metal detectors have a unique Product Monitor feature that Displays real time product signals. It is one of Advanced Detection Systems’ core technologies that allow our metal detection systems to provide superior detection of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless-steel tramp metal necessary to ensure product purity and protect your processing […]

Metal Detector Verification Service… What is it? Why & How Is It Conducted?

Metal Detection Validation touchscreen setup

Metal Detector Verification is a crucial and most often required part of ensuring the purity of your product and protecting your business. Read on to learn more about metal detector verification, how it’s conducted, how it differs from validation and why it’s so important to your business. What is Metal Detector Verification? Food production facility […]

Metal Detector Product Testing

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Metal detector product testing can ensure that you are investing in the best possible metal detector for your application. Read on to learn more about how metal detector product testing is done and its benefits. How Is Metal Detector Product Testing Done? Metal Detector product testing often offered at no charge by metal detector manufacturers […]

Product Effect & Metal Detection

One of the more important factors in determining what metal detector is best for your application is your product and the effect it has on the metal detector. Products have varied levels of conductivity and the conductivity of your product will influence the signals picked up by the metal detector. We call this Product Effect. […]

What Factors Affect the Best Possible Detection Levels?

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Advanced Detection Systems manufactures metal detectors designed to provide reliable, easy-to-use and consistent metal detection. Whether you need to ensure product purity or defend processing equipment, getting the best possible metal detector for your application is of utmost importance. Part of ensuring optimum sensitivity is understanding the factors that affect metal detection levels.   Types […]